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Welcome to Ohio Civil Defense, Welcome to Ohio Community Assistance, Welcome to Ohio Disaster Preparedness, Welcome to Ohio Ohio Militia, Volunteers, Welcome to Ohio Minutemen, Welcome to Ohio Prepper, Welcome to Ohio Survival, Welcome to Ohio Training Group, Welcome to Ohio Preparedness, Welcome to Ohio Apocalypse, Welcome to Ohio SHTF, Welcome to Ohio TEOTWAWKI.

Welcome to the Ohio Volunteer Corps website!

My name is Dave Hull, and I am the current COO (Captain) of the Ohio Volunteer Corps.

My position is elected, and I answer to the OVC Board of Trustees (all elected from our own ranks). I am much honored to have been elected to this post, and to be serving with such a fine body of volunteers.

I’d like to take a moment of your time here to explain why we exist. As you have seen in our mission statement and read in other parts of this site, we are a group of volunteers who engage in a multitude of activities that are geared towards helping people in our local communities and throughout the state of Ohio.

We are intent on channeling our skills and abilities towards this goal of assisting our neighbors and friends in any way needed. Whether we are participating in a HAM radio Field Day Event to duplicate emergency communication abilities in a natural/man-made disaster scenario; using chainsaws and raw muscle to extricate local residents from their homes covered in downed trees from a tornado; engaging in Search and Rescue training with Federal, State, local and private organizations; assisting local law enforcement in manpower intensive investigations; or practicing first aid and casualty evacuation during regular monthly field training; we all have a single goal: to be prepared for almost anything, and be ready to answer any call for assistance.

No matter your politics, your religious beliefs or your current location, you cannot deny that we as a nation, and Ohio as a State, have been under great strain economically with a large unemployed population and business downsizing/bankruptcies; and physically with the seismic, environmental, climatic, and man-made threats that exist all around us. We, who have, must be responsible for assisting who have not, to assist themselves. When someone falls, give them a hand up, not a hand out.

We have been granted Charitable Status by the Federal Government, in recognition for the not for profit volunteer activities we participate in. As a result, we are actively seeking donations of land; land use (lease); vehicles & boats (for our volunteer use or to sell, boats should be 25’ or less and trailerable); medical supplies (first aid materials, litters, rescue gear); outdoor equipment (tents, shelters, portable tables and chairs); Amateur Radio Equipment (mobile and hand held transceivers, antennas, power supplies, and spare parts); Professional Grade Power Tools such as Chain Saws (18” or longer bars), Generators, Power Cut off Saws (with steel and /or masonry blades), Welding Equipment, and Vehicle Repair/Maintenance Tools; any serviceable military field gear (USGI back packs, various sized rucks, assorted Molle pouches, US pistol belts, load bearing vests, etc… ); and military uniform items for volunteer use (we currently use the USGI M-81 Camouflage BDU Utilities for training and OPs).

If you have any equipment of other items you wish to donate, or if you wish to donate funds for our activities, please contact me via this website. This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it We will issue you a receipt for any items at a fair market rate for you to declare on your income tax as a Charitable Donation.

If you are interested in joining us, or assisting us in any way, please contact us via this website.

It is my hope that those of you reading this will be inspired to make an effort to put back into your communities by either joining us in our activities; donating your time, money or equipment; or by considering volunteering with the community group of your choice!

Thank you for visiting our website!

Dave Hull,

Captain, OVC