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Ohio Militia. Ohio Civil Defense. Ohio Disaster Readiness.The Ohio Volunteer Corps (OVC) is a private non-profit corporation under state charter. Our goal is to encourage and support member participation in volunteer services to their state and to their local communities. We are the umbrella organization for a variety of groups that are involved with supporting local law enforcement when requested, assisting in Ohio disaster relief efforts, training citizens in personal preparedness to manage natural disasters or terrorist events, encouraging the organization and development of the historic concept of the citizen militia and other efforts aimed at building a great state with strong local communities. As members are all active and productive citizens in their own local communities, we constantly seek input from them as to the goals of the organization and its ongoing development. The OVC supports both the U.S. and Ohio Constitutions and actively seeks to develop linkages with other organizations or programs which share our stated goals and objectives.

The Ohio Volunteer Corps (OVC) is pleased to announce it’s official recognition as a 501(c)(3) nonprofit charitable organization. As a result, the Ohio Volunteer Corps is now in the preferred position of receiving public and private charitable funds. We can also assure our donors of the tax deductibility of all cash and non-cash donations to the Ohio Volunteer Corps and that tax deductible receipts will be provided for those donations. We are also eligible for both government and private grants that are available to tax exempt organizations.

The Ohio Volunteer Corps welcomes members of all faiths and cultural backgrounds who share our stated goals and objectives. We are not a political entity; members are however strongly encouraged to be active politically on an individual basis. In the spirit of building a strong state and nation we do not tolerate exclusive, hate, or racist agendas.

Current Membership concentration is within the Northeast Ohio (Akron, Cleveland) and North Central Ohio (Mansfield, Ashland) areas.