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Personnel hours donated 2012 YTD: 288

When George Washington retired from the Continental Army he sought no pay, merely submitting $2,000 in expenses for 8 years of service[1]. The idea of volunteering without individual pecuniary interest goes hand in hand with the principles of patriotism and fidelity to the American Republic.

Our individual and Unit based training skill sets provide significant crossover into several task & knowledge areas. It is with this concept that the Ohio Volunteer Corps strives to provide positive support to our communities at large.

Organizational Skills available to qualified public safety forces

  • ICS & NIMS Certified Personnel
  • WMD Radiation/ Nuclear Response Operations (CTOS PER-240); 4 man team.
  • Search & Rescue/ Evidence Recovery (Ground SAR, Man-tracking, Forensic)
  • Security operations
  • Disaster recovery: chainsaw/ pioneer teams
  • HAM radio operators

Courses available to public interest groups

  • Personal Outdoor Survival Skills Course
  • Child Anti-Abduction Course
  • Surviving an Active Shooter Incident - Lecture/ Conference
  • Firearms Safety & Familiarization Course