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The old saying that membership has its benefits rings true in the OVC. Members in Good Standing (dues paid and satisfactory attendance) have the opportunity and responsibility to elect their peers who will in turn execute the duties and management of the Ohio Volunteer Corps. The OVC has a board of officers elected every 2 years (on a rotational class basis) by the membership of the organization. This board consists of the President/ CEO, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, and an elected Trustee (aka 'tie breaker').The corporate body, provides for the 'day to day' running of the corporation as well as to adjudicate issues of membership, act as a check and balance against, and to support the Chief Operations Officer (only when board meetings are in session).

The COO, or Chief Operations Officer, is the overall Field Commander of the OVC as a quasi-military organization. The COO holds the rank of Captain, pro tempore, during his/her term in office. This is the highest ranking officer within the Ohio Volunteer Corps. The COO is nominated from members of the OVC who are in Good Standing and meet specific leadership requirements. However, it is the popular vote by all Full Members in Good Standing to elect their Captain, who will steer the organization. At the end of his/her term the Captain (pending not re-elected) will step down, returning to their former rank (OVC rank structure is fluid and functional).