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The Ohio Volunteer Corps Amateur Radio Club, W8OVC will be operating during the ARRL Field Day exercise at the Findley State Park from 2 pm Saturday June 23ed until 4 pm Sunday June 24th.

The event is open to the public and is free of charge. Come watch, operate and meet ham radio operators and learn about amateur radio. Be sure to bring your friends and family.

SATURDAY June 23rd Events

Antenna Class 1:00pm

Technician License Exam 6:00pm


The FCC established amateur radio as a voluntary, non-commercial, radio communications service. It allows licensed operators to improve their communications and technical skills, while providing the nation with a pool of trained radio operators and technicians who can provideessential communications during emergencies.

The idea of field day is to make contact with as many stations around the country and world as possible on any and all amateur bands and do so in abnormal situations and less than optimal conditions. A premium is placed on developing skills to meet the challenges of emergency preparedness as well as to acquaint the general public with the capabilities of Amateur Radio.


Findley State Park
25381 State Route 58


Findley State Park is located in southern Lorain County south of the historic Village of Wellington on State Route 58.

W8OVC Portable Radio Stations (Go Box)

W8OVC's Portable Antenna Tower




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