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Winter Survival Field Training Exercise (FTX)
January 19 and 20


The winter survival FTX is a chance to test your mettle in the elements of Northeastern Ohio's winter season. Don't be fooled though! 40 degrees and rain is much more dangerous than 20 degrees and a blizzard. This exercise will allow individuals and teams the opportunity to test their ability to survive a worse case scenario on a winters night with nothing but their emergency pack (72 hour bug out bag, get me home bag, etc.) and in your street clothes. The challenge will begin with a briefing of safety ground rules and then teams will spread out over 100 acres with the tasks of building an improvised shelter, starting a fire and surviving a winters night with nothing but their immediate gear and training. There will also be a briefing on the March's Feral Swine Hunt in Southern Ohio.


0900: Rendezvous at HURON RIVER
1000: Safety/ Hypothermia Briefing
1100: Shelter Development begins
1700: Mini-Seminar: Snares & Traps
1900: Briefing for March FTX: Feral Swine Hunt
2000: Nighttime Navigation Exercise
0900: Rally
1200 Sunday Break Camp

All participants should bring their 72hr kit, a two way FRS radio, compass/ grid protractor, and a will to survive. A mini-seminar will include demonstration of traps/ snares and game preparation. There will be a nighttime map and compass exercise.

Please, bring you regular winter sleeping bag and winter clothes to leave in your vehicles just in case!

Safety teams will staff a Safety-Warming station and be on hand for evacuation if necessary.